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We are the architects of ambition

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Our story

Driven by the desire to create a distinctive mark in the consulting landscape, we set out to establish the one and only specialized hub for DXP (Digital Experience Platform) consulting. This marked a pivotal moment in our evolution, as we honed our focus exclusively on DXP consulting, aligning our expertise with the cutting-edge advancements in the digital realm. Today, we take pride in our journey – from the initial endeavor to showcase Bulgaria's talent to the establishment of a hub synonymous with unparalleled expertise in DXP consulting.

Join us as we continue to shape the future of digital experiences and exemplify the exceptional capabilities that define our story.

Our values

The bedrock of our journey toward excellence. We embrace a culture of continual innovation, driving creative solutions for our clients in the dynamic digital landscape. Our team uphold the highest ethical standards, fostering trust and reliability in our interactions with both our team and clients. Our clients' success is our success, and we are dedicated to exceeding expectations by tailoring solutions to their unique needs. Last but not least, we thrive on continuous learning, adapting to industry trends and challenges to remain at the forefront of digital expertise.

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Our mission

Driven by a vision to set new standards, we aspire to be the unparalleled hub for DXP consulting. By channeling our energies , we aim to cultivate a space where expertise converges, ideas flourish, and innovative solutions redefine the digital landscape. Our mission goes beyond consulting – it's about pioneering digital excellence. We strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling our clients to navigate the complexities of the digital sphere with confidence and innovation.


Brilliant minds and creative spirits - where talent meets passion, and expertise converges to redefine the landscape of DXP consulting.


Seasoned Sitecore architect renowned for his expertise in crafting and enhancing web portals for prominent global enterprises. Diligently analyzed, rebuilt, and developed robust systems using an array of technologies, including Sitecore, C#,, and SQL Server. Specializes in systems with high criticality, demonstrating a keen understanding of performance optimization. Alumnus of the Technical University in Sofia, where  earned his Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Sitecore architecture, making him a sought-after professional in the field.


А dedicated professional with a proactive approach, undertakes the maintenance and further development of existing applications, ensuring their continual improvement and relevance. Her role extends to collaborative efforts with customer teams worldwide, showcasing effective communication and adaptability in cross-cultural environments. She is not only responsible for integrating some of the best development and security practices but also adept at incorporating the latest technologies and 3rd party tools into her projects.


Goal-oriented professional with nearly 7 years of comprehensive experience in software development. His expertise extends to the design and development of web applications, where he collaborates seamlessly with cross-functional teams and maintains constant communication with different stakeholders. Familiar with the best Sitecore development practices, AWS-based Sitecore infrastructures, and 3rd party integrations. His commitment to excellence is evident in his approach to tackling challenges and providing effective solutions, making him a valuable asset in the dynamic landscape of software development.


A distinguished DXP (Digital Experience Platform) developer specialized in DXP technologies, showcasing proficiency across versions and a deep understanding of the platforms. Successfully undertaken the development of intricate systems with high criticality, he not only addresses performance concerns but also formulates and implements optimal solutions, ensuring seamless digital experiences.


Professional with a wealth of experience in designing both internal and external solutions. His methodical approach involves breaking down requirements into codable tasks with low-level acceptance criteria, ensuring precision in execution. As a meticulous professional, he takes ownership of code and is dedicated to bug fixing, contributing to the seamless functioning of the development lifecycle. Stands out as a valuable asset with a holistic skill set, making him a reliable force in the ever-evolving landscape of solution development.


Professional committed to help companies and individuals achieve their greatest goals and desires, transforming ordinary days into outstanding ones! In a world where feeling stagnant, overwhelmed, or directionless is common, she specializes in providing the support needed to navigate life's challenges and elevate oneself. Through her expertise in coaching and business consulting, she addresses challenges with concise and effective strategies, offering tailored plans of action. Her approach is so seamless that, when the job is done well, clients may not even realize the extent of the challenge they overcame. 


Our consultants are busy distilling their experiences into a collection of insightful blog posts. Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes look at the magic, inspiration, and expertise that shape our process.

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